OmniSource Corporation

OmniSource Corporation is one the nation’s top metals recycling companies, trading and processing a wide range of ferrous and nonferrous metals. OmniSource operates primarily in the upper Midwest and in the Southeastern U.S. It operates ten automotive shredders and over 90 scrap collection and processing facilities in these regions. OmniSource Corporation was acquired by Steel Dynamics in 2007.

OmniSource sells ferrous scrap to steel mills and foundries, including sales to SDI steel mills. It also manages a sophisticated and extensive logistics network supporting the scrap business including truck, rail, and barge operations.

OmniSource processes and/or trades all grades of ferrous scrap. Typically, 50% of the scrap consumed by SDI is provided by OmniSource, and 50% of OmniSource’s ferrous scrap sales are to SDI’s mills. In 2013, OmniSource recorded 1.05 billion pounds of nonferrous shipments and 5.5 million gross tons of ferrous shipments. 
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