Roanoke Bar Division

Our primary merchant bar producing minimill, our Roanoke Bar Division, is located in Roanoke, Virginia. Originally constructed in the mid-1950s and purchased from Roanoke Electric in 2006, several key upgrades in equipment and technology have proven to be keen capital expenditures. Today, the minimill consists of an electric arc furnace, a ladle metallurgy furnace, a five-strand continuous caster capable of casting up to 6 inch square billets, a reheat furnace, and a rolling mill with automatic in-line straightening, shearing and bundling capabilities. Additionally, the Roanoke facility has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification.
Our merchant bar products are sold primarily to steel service centers, rebar distributors, joist producers, and Other Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), while billets are sold to other steel mills, including our Steel of West Virginia minimill operation. Our focus on customer service and relationships are hallmarks of the Roanoke Bar Division’s overall performance as determined by an independent industry research firm.

Merchant bars are primarily used in light commercial construction and joist manufacturing. OEMs use merchant bar products to fabricate industrial and commercial equipment, producing end products such as utility trailers, specialized transportation and manufacturing equipment, implements and equipment for the agriculture market, and other material-handling equipment. Steel mills and forgers use billets to manufacture raw steel and steel parts, respectively.
To learn more about Roanoke Bar Division, visit their website here.