The Techs

Acquired in 2007, Steel Dynamics’ The Techs is the largest domestic supplier of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheet in the United States. Our operation consists of three galvanizing facilities near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: GalvTech, MetalTech, and NexTech. Each plant specializes in galvanizing specific gauges and widths of flat roll carbon steel, and is currently the only domestic supplier of Galfan®, an alternative steel coating that has a higher corrosion resistance. The facilities also offer regular, medium, and extra-smooth spangle.  
Integral to The Techs success is our stellar customer service reputation. The dedication to quality and attention to our customers have consistently been core operational values. Our customer repeatedly rank The Techs among one of the best-in-class finishing facilities as measured by the leading independent industry survey. The Techs sells its products to service centers and Other Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The primary use of our galvanized flat roll steel is for non-automotive applications.
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