Flat Rolled

Carbon steel sheet is SDI’s primary steel product, with our Flat Roll Group having a combined capacity of 7.4 tons per year. We produce hot-rolled coils (HRC) in a variety of gauges and grades, and then finish and coat a high proportion of this flat-rolled steel sheet.

Hot-rolled steel sheet
We produce carbon steel sheet in widths from 36 to 76 inches and in thicknesses ranging from 5/8-inch down to .042-inch. Our capabilities range from formable low-carbon grades to ultra-high-strength steels.

Cold-rolled steel sheet
After hot-rolled sheet is pickled, leveled, and edge-trimmed, our cold-rolling mill is capable of reducing the steel’s thickness to as thin as 0.013 inches and as thick as .085 inches.

Coated flat-rolled steel sheet
We galvanize hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheet, offering galvanneal and Galvalume®, as well as acrylic overcoat options. We also pre-paint coils.

Steel Dynamics’ flat roll steelmaking and finishing facilities, The Techs, produce one of the broadest ranges of flat roll steel products in the United States. In addition to hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and coated products, AHSS Dual-Phase, high-strength Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) pipe grades and electrical steel are also included in the Flat Roll Group's steel products portfolio.