Liquid Pig Iron

Liquid Pig Iron and Direct-Reduced Iron Units
Iron Dynamics operates as an adjunct to SDI’s Flat Roll Division at Butler, Indiana, producing liquid pig iron and direct-reduced iron units. This iron is used in the production of steel in the Flat Roll mill’s electric-arc furnaces, as a substitute for purchased imported pig iron.

Steel Dynamics has long maintained an interest in developing reliable, lower-cost sources of high quality iron units. In 1998 SDI built Iron Dynamics to develop new technologies for the direct reduction of iron. Refining the process was a long and arduous pioneering effort, but one that has delivered on its promise: since 2007, Iron Dynamics has annually supplied over a quarter million tons of iron units to the Flat Roll Division. Increasingly, this iron is being provided in a more desirable molten liquid state that offers numerous operating advantages to SDI’s Flat Roll melting operations.

With Iron Dynamics, SDI’s engineers and operators have gained valuable experience and proprietary knowledge about rotary hearth furnace operation and other technologies of direct iron production. This background has contributed to the design, construction, and operation of the Mesabi Nugget plant that utilizes similar technologies.