Our structural steel mill produces wide-flange beams, standard beams, channels, manufactured housing beams (M beams), and H-piling. We offer these products in standard lengths, but also can cut sections to custom lengths.

Wide-flange, standard, and M beams
Its web heights are from 4-inches to 36-inches. Beams 4-inches wide are 13.0 pounds/foot through beams that are 36 inches wide weighing 256 pounds/foot.

Structural channels
Structural channels are available in widths from 3 inches to 15 inches. The 3-inch width is 3.5 pounds/foot, through the 15-inch width which is 50 pounds/foot.

Manufactured-housing beams (M Beams)
M Beams' web heights are from 4-inches to 12-inches. Beams at 4-inch width is 6 pounds/foot, through beams at 12-inch width that is 10 pounds/ foot.

We produce H-piling in various sizes and weights, up to 120 feet in length.