Our Product Portfolio


Our Product Portfolio


Since Steel Dynamics began producing hot roll steel coils in 1996, our steel operations platform has grown to include flat roll, structural, rail, engineered special bar, merchant bar, and specialty shapes. In addition, we offer highly engineered, high quality steel products that are custom-designed for specific customers and applications. SDI shipped 7.4 million tons of steel in 2014, and the company's steel operations business platform accounted for 63% of its external sales. The chart below shows the mix of the tonnage of steel the company shipped in 2014.

                                               Product Mix for Steel Products, 2014*                                                                                               

*Markets for our steel include automotive, construction, manufacturing, and energy. A high percentage of the steel we make is sold through steel service centers or distributors, and these intermediaries do not report to us the details of their sales to customers. Thus, we cannot say with exact certainty where all our steel is used. This chart represents our best estimate of the markets we served in 2014.

End Market Mix for Steel Products, 2014 Estimate**

Estimated end-market consumption for steel shipped by SDI's steel operations

Metals recycling

Steel Dynamics, Inc. acquired OmniSource in 2007. This wholly-owned subsidiary is one of the largest processors and distributors of secondary metals in North America. It is also the nation's second-largest processor of ferrous and nonferrous scrap, with over 90 locations primarily in the Midwest and Southeast portion of the United States.

Our metals recycling operation primarily procures, processes and sells reclaimed ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals. OmniSource sells various grades of ferrous metals to steel mills, including Steel Dynamics steel mills, and to foundries. Reusable forms and grades of nonferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel are sold to a variety of customers, such as ingot manufacturers, nonferrous metal refineries and mills, smelters and specialty mills, as well as other consumers.


Steel Dynamics, Inc. fabrication operations, New Millennium Building Systems, evolved from the company’s first fabrication plant in 2000 in Butler, Indiana. Since then, the company has added five fabrication plants that are strategically located and provide fabricated steel products to our customers in the United States.

We fabricate steel joists, steel decking, trusses, and girders primarily for the nonresidential building components market. Four of our locations – Indiana, Florida, Virginia and Arkansas, also produce a full range of steel roof, form and composite floor decking. Our primary fabrication customers are nonresidential steel fabricators; however, other customers include metal building companies, general construction contractors, developers, brokers and government entities.