Processed Copper

Processed Copper

SDI LaFarga LLC is a venture joining Steel Dynamics Inc., based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and The La Farga Group, based in Barcelona, Spain. SDI LaFarga is located in New Haven, IN and produces copper rod, drawn solid wire, and can welding wire. 
We use state-of-the-art technology to refine all types of processed copper and to produce Cu-FRHC (furnace-refined, high-conductivity) products that are 99.9 percent pure and meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) B-49 standards. Our products are commonly used to make power cables and building wiring.

Copper rod

We manufacture 5/16” (8 mm) Cu-FRHC (fire-refined, high-conductivity) copper rod. We use secondary copper to produce Cu-FRHC that’s commonly used to make power cables, building wiring, and many other electrical wire products.

Copper wire

Our drawn copper wire is drawn from copper rod manufactured to comply with ASTM B-49, UNS-C11020, meeting the chemistry properties for C-11000. Drawn wire is produced with a smooth surface finish per common industry practices. 

Our can welding wire, Cu-FRHC (fire refined, high-conductivity), is uniquely micro-alloyed copper with a chemical composition that provides better mechanical and resistance properties than Cu-ETP because Cu-FRHC provides better dimensional stability. This stability is essential in can welding because under temperature and tension, less cross section is lost and there's less elongation variation. In the end, the rolling process during welding of the can is more constant in width, avoiding defects. And with Cu-FRHC, there's a potential to downsize the diameter of the wire used because Cu-FRHC won't "neck-down" as much as the softer Cu-ETP can wire.

To learn more about SDI LaFarga, visit the website here.