Processed Copper

Processed Copper

SDI LaFarga LLC is a venture joining Steel Dynamics Inc., based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and The La Farga Group, based in Barcelona, Spain. SDI LaFarga is located in New Haven, IN and produces copper rod, drawn solid wire, and can welding wire.

Through a highly efficient system with proprietary technology, SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS™ melts processed copper, refines it and manufactures new, high-quality copper products. Starting in September 2020, COPPERWORKS will be adding the production of Electrolytic Tough Pitch copper rod to their product mix.

Infinity Copper Rod

Fire Refined-High Conductivity (FRHC) Copper

Copper is one of earth’s resources that is infinitely recyclable and SDI LaFarga’s Infinity copper rod is the result of their proprietary process to convert secondary copper units into high quality electrical conductors for use in a wide variety of applications.  Infinity copper allows customers to produce conductors for power transmission, home wiring, data transmission and other applications in an economic and environmentally friendly way.

Elemental Copper Rod

Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) Copper

ETP copper is the most widely used grade of copper in electrical applications, in fact it accounts for half of global copper usage. COPPERWORKS’ Elemental copper rod is SDI LaFarga’s ETP Copper offering suitable for use in all applications both residential and commercial.  Elemental copper is a great choice for automotive, aerospace, medical and electronic uses.

Drawn Solid Wire

As a value-added service, COPPERWORKS produces high conductivity wires from both their Infinity copper rod and their Elemental copper rod.  Their wire is produced to meet ASTM B1, B2 and B3 requirements. The wire surface is clean and bright, and the final product can be packaged in either bulk cardboard boxes or steel reels.

Can Welding Wire

Produced to meet all welding machine wire specifications, COPPERWORKS’ Can Welding Wire completes their product portfolio. This product provides the canned goods industry the crucial electrical conductor needed to make 3-piece food and aerosol cans. COPPERWORKS inventories a variety of sizes to offer customers a quick turnaround and offer Can Wire customers a tolling program to provide them with a closed loop system for their copper.

The SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS experience

Like all of Steel Dynamics’ operations, a big differentiator for COPPERWORKS in the copper rod industry is their innovative “can-do” culture. Their small team is constantly pushing the boundaries and finding ways to better serve their customers. In addition to this industry-leading culture, here are additional differentiators that make SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS a unique partner in the copper rod and wire industry: expert engineering services, product choices, wire drawing services, hedging services, delivery options, a centralized locations and many more.

To learn more about SDI LaFarga COPPERWORKS, please visit their website here.