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Please note that there are several division-specific versions of the Steel Dynamics logo. These are located in the navigation to the left under their own respective division names. Be certain to verify with your SDI representative exactly which mark should be used on any given project.

The SDI logo is available in black and white and full color. The full-color version uses black and one Pantone® (or PMS) color: red PMS 187. Four-color ink mix of the PMS color may be used when necessary. The four-color mix of red PMS 187 is C0 M91 Y72 K23. When circumstances restrict color usage to only one color, the logo should be reproduced in black only. The logo may also be reversed, or “knocked out,” of a field of 100% black for limited-color applications. The logo should only be placed on approved colors, which are in described in SDI's handbook for vendors.

The logo should not be used under 2" in width, as its elements lose clarity at smaller sizes. Always leave at least a minimum amount of clear space around the logo on all four sides. The clear space should be equal to that of the height of the capital “D” in the logo. It is essential that the logo and its variations are never re-created or altered in any way. See the PDF of SDI's handbook for vendors for more information on logo usage guidelines.

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SDI No Inc 1C BW

(black and white)

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(PMS 187 and black)

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